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  1. enkidu


    I will trade options on ETFs in this journal. As for right now, my strategy solely consists of call and put spreads.

    If you have suggestions to improve my option notations, let me k,now.

    ETFs may include....
    UNG (Natural Gas)
    USO (Oil)
    Heating oil, which should come out soon
    Gasoline, which should come out soon
    Index ETFs

    Also a few options on individuals stocks
  2. enkidu


    date executed: 1/17/08 Thursday, around 2:30

    put spread on UNG, bought 40 sold 39, price of UNG at 39.05

    profit target....
    bought put: strike 40, 37.62 in the money, .30 ask-bid
    sold put: strike 39, 37.18 in the money, .35 ask-bid

    weather: don't know, but doesn't seem too cold, neutral
    storage: bearish
    COT : bullish
    1) measuring gap & reversal gap, bearish
    2) but today's gap, bullish
    3) resistance not met, bearish

    why trade?
    Mostly the top gap, but also bearish commodities report
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    wow, never expected to see a reference to the Epic of Gilgamesh on here...