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    A poker pro once said that the only people who really get good at poker are the ones who keep a journal and reviews their victories and mistakes. I believe the same applies to trading as well...

    Here I will lay out all my trades. I am trading stocks and options on stocks. My goal is to eventually trade ag futures however. I'm reading lots of books on it, researching, youngtrader has been giving me some tips, and I really hope to start with futures soon!

    But meanwhile, here is trading stocks and options...

    This journal will...

    1) keep a historical records of what I did and WHY I did it

    2) keep me honest & disciplined, as in prevent me from going "all in" on one trade just because "it's gotta go up (down)" and not cutting my loses because it "has" to rebound eventually


    Started trading late August 2007
    Net down slightly
    Sophomore in college

    For every trade I need...
    1) % of my equity
    2) reason for buying
    3) a stop
    4) when or why to exit
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    scss - institutional holding down, insider neutral, lower estimates, down 37% today, similar to SWHC?? probably not buy put

    plt - insider sell, institutional neutral, down on analyst downgrade, preceded by bad news, down 20% today, probably a reversal of trend, probably buy put
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    novl -
    quarterly loss, SEC, net loss, lay off, restructuring, but huge institutional buy, insider transaction doesn't seem to spell dump, first hit in a long time.

    zqk -
    quarterly loss, institutional dump, high pe, breaking a trend, first hit of substantial bad news
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    ok this is shit. tdameritrade is gay. will not let me trade options, didn't have it "enabled." alright this is the last time I post in this journal.
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    Over so soon? Are you planning on starting another journal?