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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by syd697, May 7, 2004.

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    Was wondering if eSignal would be willing to add a few technical indicators to their charts to help us options traders out. How about an "historical volatility" indicator for the stock or index where the trader could choose the length of the study, i.e. a 20-day, 50-day, 200-day historical volatility study. Also, an "implied volatility" indicator using a 1-day at-the-money figure.

    Also, within an option chain, how about adding a column that gives the user the "days to expiration". This is much more useful info than having the "expiration date" column. When using options software, I like to know how many days are left until the option expires.

    Anyone else care to comment? Thanks.
  2. JayF_eSignal

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    Historical Volatility is available via an EFS on TS Support's site. Here's the direct link to that study.


    Regarding, your other suggestions, I would suggest checking out our OptionsPlus product available in eSignal 7.6. Below you can see that Days to Expiration is available in an Option Chain, and you can also chart Volatility either in a two or three dimensional chart.

  3. syd697


    Jay F,

    Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of the new Optionsplus module, but I just can't justify paying an extra monthly fee just to have a column that tells me the "days to expiration", which I feel should be a part of your basic options chains.

    I downloaded the link for the historical volatility EFS. I've never used an EFS before so I'm not sure what to do with it. It's downloaded onto my desktop, but how to I access and use it now? Any tips would help. Thanks.
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    Please check out this video on the basics of EFS. It should help to understand EFS, and where to put what. If you're on dial-up and are unable to view the video, then please put the EFS file in the C:\Program Files\eSignal\Formulas folder, and then click Chart Options --> Formulas --> *choose EFS*