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    Enhanced LiveCharts Links With Quote.com’s Streaming, Real-time Data Feeds And Now Charts International Markets, Popular Currency Spot Markets, Includes Enhanced Features, Add-Ons, a Fresh Design, and Runs Entirely on the eSignal Data Network.

    HAYWARD, Calif.—Feb. 5, 2008—eSignal, the desktop solutions division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders, today announced upgrades to its LiveCharts® product. Dramatically redesigned, LiveCharts is more feature-rich and powerful than ever. LiveCharts offers users Web 2.0 functionality via eSignal’s social networking site and also links with the newly enhanced Quote.com. Running entirely on eSignal’s data network, LiveCharts is powered by PlusFeedSM data, a low latency, consolidated data feed service from Interactive Data Real-Time Services.

    LiveCharts is an easy-to-use, java-based application that provides a window into financial markets by presenting streaming charts, portfolios and real-time news on any Web browser. With this upgrade, LiveCharts now includes a new, customizable modular interface, major international stock exchanges, the popular currency spot market Forex, in addition to data for major U.S. stocks, options and futures markets. This LiveCharts upgrade also doubles the number of technical studies and line tools available to users. In addition, many powerful new add-ons are available, including Option Chains, Market Depth, Premium News as well as QuoTrek®, a mobile product that brings real-time quotes, charts and news to users of BlackBerries, Smartphones and other handheld devices.

    “We are excited to share the next generation of LiveCharts with our users,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “This version of LiveCharts is impressive because of its elegant interface and new features that allow anyone to easily track their portfolios, charts and news in real-time.”

    Along with new tools, new market data and a redesigned interface, eSignal is combining the LiveCharts and LiveCharts Plus products into one package priced at $19.95 per month or $16.95 per month if pre-paid annually. Private label solutions are also available.

    With LiveCharts, the streaming charts are full-featured, update in real-time and allow the user to determine style, size and scale. Charts are displayable in several formats, and 18 different technical studies are available for analysis of price movement. Hot Lists alert users to significant activity; trends, including gainers and losers; heavy call and put activity; stocks with unusually high volume; and more. A detailed Quote Window displays current bid and ask, volume and tick volume. Users can also select a Time and Sales display to see trades in real-time.

    New Features:

    • Web 2.0 level collaboration between financial services platforms
    • Completely redesigned look and feel with powerful, easy-to-use, customizable interface
    • Major international exchanges and Forex spot currency market
    • Faster data delivery
    • Add-ons such as Option Chains, Market Depth, Premium News and QuoTrek
    • More advanced charting allows for unlimited number of indicators and lines
    • Private label solutions available


    Full product information is available at www.LiveCharts.com. LiveCharts is also marketed on eSignal’s financial portal site, www.Quote.com.

    About Interactive Data:

    Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) is a leading global provider of financial market data, analytics and related services to financial institutions, active traders and individual investors. The Company's businesses supply time-sensitive pricing, evaluations and reference data for more than 3.5 million securities traded around the world, including hard-to-value instruments. Many of the world's best-known financial service and software companies subscribe to the Company's services in support of their trading, analysis, portfolio management and valuation activities. Through its businesses, Interactive Data Pricing and Reference Data, Interactive Data Real-Time Services, Interactive Data Fixed Income Analytics, and eSignal, the Company has approximately 2,200 employees in offices located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Company is headquartered in Bedford, Mass. Pearson plc (NYSE: PSO; LSE: PSON), an international media company, whose businesses include the Financial Times Group, Pearson Education, and the Penguin Group, is Interactive Data Corporation's majority stockholder.

    Interactive DataSM and the Interactive Data logo are service marks of Interactive Data Corporation.

    About eSignal:

    eSignal (www.eSignal.com), Interactive Data Corporation’s (NYSE: IDC) desktop solutions business, is a leading global provider of financial and business information to professional traders and active individual traders. Building on a legacy of nearly 25 years of delivering time-sensitive financial information, eSignal provides streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics. eSignal's suite of products includes eSignal®, Advanced GET®, QuoTrek®, FutureSource®, MarketCenter LIVESM, QCharts®, LiveCharts®, Market-QSM and the Web portals FutureSource.com, Quote.com® and RagingBull.com.
    Other products, services or company names mentioned herein are the property of, and may be the trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

    David Parkinson Andrew Kramer
    eSignal Investor Relations
    (801) 971-2450 (781) 687-8306
    davidp@d2pr.biz andrew.kramer@interactivedata.com

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  2. ET70424


    Is LiveCharts still limited to something like 500 OHLC bars?

    For example, if one wants to plot 1-minute bars, is the chart still limited to about one-day?

    In other words, how far back in historical data does the new version of LiveCharts provide?

  3. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    LiveCharts no longer has that limitation on its charts as you can see in the attached. There have been numerous charting improvements as Mina mentioned including bar compression, fib lines, and multiple studies.

    In the below, I've removed all the other "pods" so you can more easily see the chart data.
  4. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    Here's another look with the Hot List/Time & Sales and the new Market Depth data added.
  5. ET70424


    Thanks J. for updating with helpful information.

    So, if one uses 1-minute OHLC data, how far back, i.e. how many data points, can one retrieve?

    I am inclined to try LiveCharts again as soon as I have your answer.

    Thanks again.

  6. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    It really is as far back as you can stretch your window out. LiveCharts doesn't (by intention) have a scroll bar to move the charts backward in time, but it does have bar compression and the ability to dynamically adjust the size of the chart (i.e. stretch a chart to any desired size and even across multiple monitors.)

    The actual limit for intraday charts is 120 days (same as eSignal.) We are looking to extend this out dramatically for the eSignal network sometime in 2008.
  7. Carl J

    Carl J

    Is it true that in the new version of livecharts that we will no longer be able to have more than one chart window open at a time? I hope that this is not the case. This is a important feature for me.
  8. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    While it's true that the current version of the new LiveCharts has only one chart available, we are looking to expand this in a future release.

  9. lol they killed QCharts and now Livecharts. Nice going.

    R.I.P. Quote.com.................
  10. Any update on multiple charts?
    #10     Jul 16, 2008