England, a nation of losers?

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  1. So england has failed to qualify for Euro2008. HAs the once great British empire turned into a nation of mediocrity
  2. We Australians are all too familiar with this fact.

    We got so sick of beating England in the cricket we decided to ALLOW England to win the Ashes a few years ago.

    I can't remember the last time an English tennis player beat an Australian tennis player...Has this EVER occured?

    We felt so sorry for England in the rugby world cup we let them win. We hate to see grown English men cry......pitiful, depressing sight it is.
  3. I'm backing Tim Henham... all the way to the quarter finals
  4. Daal


    henman beat hewitt in 06
  5. svrart


    i am afraid england is a has been. my own sis in law is british but that doesnt change the facts.

    most brits i meet are drunks and lost in their own imaginary little worlds. i am a foreign teacher working in a chinese university, and the most incompetent are the brits. one of them gets so piss drunk regularly that he cant find his way back home and the local city police has to help him!

    also culturally, interesting to note that just when they thought themselves to be superior and invented the phrase "burden of the white man" the decline started. perhaps they should have listened to their own proverb - "pride comes before a fall".
  6. as a croatian, I'm praud we beat them at Wembley.

    I guess our players were little bit angry after england fans booed our national anthem at the opening ceremony.

    otherwise, it would be a draw


    your just pissed because Australians are english convicts.

    The ozzies have never been any good at losing either. you'll never see an ozzie lose graciously. They'll come out with every excuse ever thought of.

    And you've just proved it


    Mclaren should have never got the job of England manager anyway, hes second rate. The FA wanted an Englishman as coach and now we failed to qualify.
  9. What, just like Greg Chapell coached india, and they blamed him coz they stank? He tried to introduce new talent, hierarchy wanted same old same old, selectors back the coach or its doomed, innit guv'na.

    Ahem,that was a quick edit of your exclamation "Convicts!" i should mention, well done.

  10. Besides, you seem to be forgetting, were it not for the strange decision of a certain french explorer, we may all be speaking french over here, and likely whipping england in soccer, as an adjunct to the dubious sporting prowess of england itself.

    Its the climate, old chum.:D
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