Engineering Fail

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ChkitOut, Dec 13, 2010.

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    Umm, don't you have to assume there is going to be a lot of
    snow in Minnesota?
  2. 1) At 11 and 12 seconds into the video, it looks like there is somebody running away from left to right along the far sideline. :(
    2) That is the third or fourth time the roof has collapsed. :mad:
  3. Engineering failure or maintenance failure?

    If you don't maintain anything it will fail in due time. If you google "metrodome" there are many pictures which are evidence of bad maintenance on it. You can see where sections of that roof have been patched and the whole thing looks bad.

    Of course it was designed for the snow load. But when they knew it was beyond it's useful life the cheapskate owner failed to spend the money to replace it.
    scroll half way down on that second link
  4. Thats true, if they didn't follow a required maintenance
    program then well, thats another story.