Enforcing stop losses

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by trade555, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. I used to have a big problem dealing with my losing positions. Then I got married and my wife who is a compulsive spender solved this problem for me. When ever she finds out I blew a few grand of her spending money she beats me with this wooden paddle she calls the Stop Loss Enforcer. Over the next few day's after she beats me I can not sit on my ass so therefor the losses stop. So far the stop loss enforcer is the best form of discipline and it beats and book out there. To make up for my losses in the market I will be offering my wifes patented stop loss enforcing system for three easy payments of $99.99 So if you want the learn the art of controlling your losses PM me. I will get you on a new track to trading success. P.S. If I dont get her spending money back soon I will never sit again so order fast.
  2. Well in that case I saw this picture elsewhere on ET (credit to whoever first posted it) and this may solve your short-term trading problem.