Enforcing Multiculturalism and Diversity

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Should Multiculturalism and Diversity be forced upon the rest of the world?

  1. Yes, let them taste their own medicine.

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  2. No, we only need to diversify the white countries.

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  1. For the last 40 years Europe, America, Australia have been subject by liberals to the experiement in Multiculturalism and Diversity. Which resulted in the shrinking of their white population and its replacement by blacks, arabs, south americans and asians. Many cities have been ethnically cleansed of their white inhabitants.

    At the same time, liberals have completely spared the countries of Africa, Middle East and South America from cultural enrichment. Is it not the time to promote the same Multicultural ideas in those lands as well, in order to level the playing field. And also to provide them with RU486 to control the population and give women a chance at a career.
  2. Pabst


    The city of Chicago is now down to a white population (excluding Mexicans) of 38%. The Chicago public schools are only 11% white.
    I find it hilarious that some of the most hard core libs either live in leafy segregated suburbs or worse yet in gentrified city neighborhoods where many minorities once indigenous to the area have been displaced by the Starbux drinking Kerry supporting yuppies.

    Just once I'd like to see these hoards of liberals move into Chicago's black neighborhoods. Funny how being carjacked as you pull your Volvo into your graffiti marred garage can alter the whole urban Disney World type of big city experience...
  3. Well, Detroit is down to 12% white. You won't find any liberals there at all.
  4. When you finally learn to trade and make a few bucks you may want to try Chicago suburbs.

    Although I pretty much agree with the sentiment and would prefer to keep this country predominantly white but we do know which party keeps the borders open, which party provides amnesty to illegals. Remind me again, wasn't that Reagan the last time, isn't it Bush this time?
  5. It is Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush. All traitors. All had 4-8 years in office to simply issue an executive order to shut the borders. But one can only look at the founding members of the La Raza in 1982 to understand who is behind the invasion. It is the largest american corporations and their proxy politicians.

    La Raza also gets funding from Congress, something like $4 million a year to organize anti-American rallies, like the ones we have seen recently.
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    Actually I'm spending most of my time these days in SoFla. Can't seem to get away from the third world...