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    Whats up with Energy today??

    coal, nat gas, oil, all getting slaughtered.
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    Take a look at a daily crude oil chart. We just had a neckline break on a big head and shoulders pattern. The neckline was around 62.25.

  3. =========
    OCT mitual fund selling; and
    OCT buying today oil/gas sector,;
    higher lows ,higher highs , higher closes.

    It was fierce and not limited to those sectors:cool:
    and actually the high volume oil/gas stock leaders i trade dont move much related to oil price most of the time.

    Course oil uptrends eventually help the stocks.....
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    I wonder what would happen to oil once people start figuring out they can pump E85 in their cars at a 1 to 4 ratio with regular gas even in non E85 cars with no problems. Also once E85 becomes more popular with more cars able to use it 100% like the 2006 Impala. The recent oil spike just might be shooting themselves in the foot long term, hopefully anyway. Lot's of other new tech out there also, for example China in the next few years is supposed to be bringing out EV's available to all, also plug in capability of a normal hybrid can triple the mileage to 150-200 MPG if manufacturers get off their ass and start building the plug in feature.
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    This is a helpful thread & mentioned earlier in the year;
    oil price could be cut- trend to 50%,
    and diversified oil/gas companies could still do real well.

    [2]Not long or short BP @ present time;
    that gulf hurricane hit that hydrocarbon company-$700,000,000-, and
    thier new corporate logo a sun, yellow /green in color, still shines.
    [The sun is a mass of incandesent gas]


    [e-3]Peradventure ,[ not a prediction,] the best downtrends maybe someday/today non diversified oil
    & like Director Art Cashin said, the best Christmas present this year,
    maybe a lump of coal.
    Merry Christmas.

    [E85] And something else, not only do some coal companies contract log timber with horses;
    my banker dad taught me & my brother how to cook out with hickory & other hardwood scraps .
    Banker dad never spend a dime or any $$$ on charcoal to cook out lean steaks or ground burgers.
    What taste @ a goodbuy/cover & a goodbuy/sell !!!
  6. Ethanol is heavily subsidized, you should look up how much it really costs. They plan to use lower grade corn and grain with newer technologies but regardless, the environmental cost to our already nutrient depleted soil is too great.

    Most car use can easily be satisified by fully electric engines, with maybe a bio diesel/ethanol/gas back up. Vast majority does not even realize the technology that exists for turning cars all electric. It would put several industries out of business. Gas stations would be converted to convienience shops with recharge stations.

    There are a number of very nice fully electric converted cars out there done by individuals and small companies. Electric cars can be made and sold retail 10k-20k, depending on the model types. A basic electric car without frills can be sold for less than 10k. Once you add in the fuel & repair savings, it makes a great deal. More importantly the enviromental benefits are tremendous.

    Gasoline use is protected by the oil industry, the auto industry (wear and tear of gas use means more sales) & this country's infrastructure. The current hybrid movement is a bunch of crap and public relations, probably an opportunity for more profits for the mass corn & grain growers.

    Even with oil over $100, there are huge profits to be made before gasoline cars are phased out. This game is not about best cost & efficiency, it's about profits & monopoly control. Wide use of electric cars could have happened decades ago, the technology has been around for a while and has not changed much. The government has not even attempted to do the most logical thing, as if it is much of a surprise.