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    I'm an MBA student with some trading experience looking to join an energy trading desk or scheduling position after June when I graduate.

    I'm trying to make sure I cover my bases and apply to all the firms in PA, NY, and OH. I've looked at PPL, NRG, PSEG, and Exelon. Does anyone know of any smaller firms worth looking at, or specialty job boards for these sort of positions? I know I'm missing a lot of O&G companies that have active hedges.

    I've had a few interviews so far, but no offers. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. First, there are two place to "Trade" Energy as in Nati and Oil futures. Merc in NY and the Dubia Merc.

    Second. There is "energy trading" as in "Watts". States trade energy "kilo-watts", private industry trades Kilo-wats. The ENRON model.

    Finally, there is Oil Drilling, the hunt and find game. I have been part of the Private Equity World who funds Oil Drilling for the past 5 years as well as a number of other interest we have.

    The companies listed I do not see either a trading desk or a "Drilling" capital raising end of things. They may have some sort of hedging desk as Valero does, here in San Antonio.
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    I have lots of contacts in Energy - PM me please.
  4. You mention "smaller" firms and that you're looking in NY.
    If you want to try NY check out Barclays (obviously not small but...) too.
    A few years ago they really tried to build up the desk. Just don't have a super-shit day on your dailies because you will be out the door...quickly. :))

    Have you considered moving to Houston?

    And as you already know, ignore EMRGlobal he likes to chime in on lots of threads. Even ones he is clueless about. He hit too many raves in the 90's.
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    Hey you guys have been great.

    I mentioned smaller firms because I know I'm not finding some of them and am unable to even get a conversation going with them, not because I necessarily care about the size of the firm.

    Yeah, man I know. I have no problems working my way up. That's why I am also looking at scheduling. It is an easy step to the trade desk from there.

    I have considered the lovely warm weather of Houston. I should've had TX on the original list, there is a lot of relevant stuff down there. However, I am not familiar with all the firms except the major, publicly traded O&G companies there.

    Quick TX story: I talked to a couple of guys who came off of Exxon's desk in Houston. Apparently it was not the best work atmosphere, they seemed kind of down on it and left after a few years. Not sure if anyone finds that relevant here, but I thought I'd at least try to give something back!
  6. Yeah, most of the guys I know started as schedulers.
    Good luck.
    The hardest part will be getting in the door. Pay your dues and then you should be good.
    I would offer my contacts up, but the first question will be, "How do you know Dobbes?" Oh, just a guy who posted on a forum..usually not a good reference.
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    Been plugging away at this. It is brutal how much experience people want for even the low level gigs.
  8. Try Houston as well as cities
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