Energy traders: What do you read?

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  1. Iceman14


    I'm curious for those guys that trade the energy markets: what do you read as far as newsletters, magazines/journals, or websites are concerned?

    How do you keep abreast of what's going on in the industry? Or are you guys just watching your charts?
  2. Charts only. Know when the inventory data comes out ( oil and nat gas) other then that I dont care. I should say I only trade intra-day, if I was swing trading I would pay attention things in the Middle East, and other related news but the chart would trump all. I try to remember that someone always knows before you do. So the time you read on Yahoo! or the Wall Street Journal its probably already factored into the price.

    So much for the efficient Market Hypothesis:p
  3. Cheese


    Concentrate your attention on price on the chart but do your detailed and extensive study of this market's price behavior beforehand. It is an excellent intraday market to play the gyrations profitably. As always, you do have to know what you are doing.
  4. Mr B

    Mr B isn't bad.

    but like the others I mostly look at the price and assume I'm behind on the news.
  5. contango


    Platts and Argus for physical fundamentals (for crude, natgas, coal, power, emissions and freight). However, the paper traders / funds are dwarfing the physical these days. So everything is in the price and often the fundamentals are totally wrong.
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    Thanks for the links, fellas. I know if you're trading intraday, obviously charts and technicals are going to matter most, but before jumping into this market, I'd like to get my feet wet and start reading up on the industry.

    I didn't realize there was this much info. out there -- looks cool but is pricey at $2500 a year. And energyintel is super comprehensive with all its newsletters, maybe even a little on the info. overload-side for me...but I'll give it a shot

    Thanks again
  7. "This week in Petroleum"
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