Energy Trader vs. Energy Scheduler

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by CET, Dec 10, 2008.

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    I have seen a few threads discussing energy trading jobs, so it appears some users of ET have knowledge about the energy trading area. In viewing job listings in the power trading area, some jobs are for traders, some for schedulers and some appear to require both trading and scheduling in the position. If anyone can provide more details based on their experience, it would be appreciated.

    If anyone has experience in other energy trading areas like natural gas, any comments about the trading and scheduling positions would also be appreciated. I know that NG scheduling can vary depending on whether you are doing it for a LDC, pipeline, marketer, etc. Most of the NG trading jobs appear to require scheduling experience.

    Thanks for any comments.
  2. sledged


    Scheduling is a great way to get into trading because not only will you be working hand in hand with the traders everyday but if you are doing scheduling at least in trading power you get an inside look at the physical market which is great to understand. It can be hard to get someone to take a chance on taking you as a trader right away without experience, but if you get a scheduling job it can be a great first step.
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    Can you explain please what is "energy scheduling"?
  4. From how i understand, the traders make the deal, and the schedulers process the physical transfer, meaning, they arange the pipelines or transmission lines for the physical transfer of power or energy.
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  6. IWT2008


    I was interested in these types of trading positions as well.

    I often see job listings for:

    Financial Trader

    Carbon Trader

    Hourly Trader -

    Sr Trader - Proprietary

    Associate Physical Trader

    Physical Trader

    Can anyone give specifics on these positions?
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    Financial Trader - cash

    Carbon Trader - going to be a growing desk in u.s. soon

    Hourly Trader - power real time

    Sr Trader - Proprietary -

    Associate Physical Trader -junior

    Physical Trader - could be nat gas/power etc