Energy trader interview - looking for tips / advice

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dc101, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. dc101


    Hi guys. I may get an interview - energy trader (electric power). I'd be starting from the bottom, learning the ropes. Looking for interview tips, advice, links, articles, books, words to the wise, etc. - thanks in advance.
  2. dowdog


    Which company?
  3. you need to provide a lot more info - what is your background, when is interview, describe client better, give a generic description of the applicable experience from your own resume (without giving away your personal details), post the job req, etc.

    Otherwise, hard to help you...
  4. monty09


    sounds like real time.. what region? what firm? whats your background?
  5. 377OHMS


    Tell them you would step on your grandmothers neck to make money for them. Tell them you'll make those electricity traders at Enron look like pikers. Tell them you're a huge fan of market deregulation.
  6. dc101


    I thought I was going get some answers, but instead I've been swamped with questions. But that's all right.

    I apologize for not being at liberty to reveal too many details. Obviously, I've never worked as a trader, otherwise I would not ask for some interview tips, etc. But I've been studying markets for many years (discretionary trading, technical trading, platforms, books, etc). As you can deduct from my previous posts, I'm in EE/IT.

    Sorry if I was not clear enough in my original post. They are not looking for someone with prior trading industry experience, but rather someone analytical (check) with high university education (check). Someone that can start as total beginner and grow with the company. That's why I mentioned learning the ropes. So, I'm not expecting to ace the interview with somebody else's war stories, but rather to know something more than an average analytical-and-highly-educated Joe. Energy trading is a bit obscure area compared to stocks, futures, forex, etc. Hence my inquiry.

    Even if I don't get called, for whatever reason, I'd still be interested in some advice from ETers for the next opportunity. I'm sure that many people here on ET are interested too. Thanks.
  7. dc101


    LOL. Thanks 377OHMS. Your advice is the best one I got so far :-(
    Another idea is to tell them that I'd be The Stupidest Guy in the Room. LOL
  8. monty09


    I am a power trader and you better get up to speed very fast. We tend to only hire exp people but every once in a well will pick up a new person to the industry. Do you know how shift works? That is what you will be working. Is the shop going to let you spec? Some dont as you are only filling load. Comp will be good considering the work you will be doing. Some regions are more desireable (ERCOT, East(PJM,MISO)) then the West, SE,NE so find out what regions. The job is not hard and after a year or two you can move on to the same job else where and make $$ or get promotoed to a day job.

    Ask any questions and I will be more then happy to help.

    fyi...charles wickman is still in the industry(he was the one in enron movie talking about stepping on peoples neck) and the "grandma millie" trader was my boss for two years. Very smart guys.

    My current boss is ex enron and most of industry is filled with ex enron, dynergy, coastal traders
  9. sunny


    I have recently worked as a physical trader, that's what your potential job sounds like. And if it is mostly shift work.

    Having been in the bank's trading floor before I can say that this is very different from the like of Wall St, or London City. In essence it's operating job rather than trading. Similar to my friend who is shift technician in a telecom company, for instance.

    Depends on the strategy of the team, most of the time this "operating" is not to speculate for profit, but to preserve the company's existing revenue and trim out risk. So in the interview it is important NOT to say blah blah about speculation, taking big risk, or get out there and beat the market. Behave as if you are interviewed for an interesting engineer role that combine technical and commercial, not a wild financial job the like of Liar's Poker.

    Good luck
  10. dc101


    Thanks - very useful.
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