Energy Spread products and brokers don't have them?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by xtk, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. xtk


    I find this odd. I pay for ICE through tradestation, but can't seem to find/get access to the energy spread products. How can it be that if I pay for ICE data I only get some?

    I went to CQG for good data on this, but i don't Daytrader. I swing trade just using primarily daily charts. I don't need all the fancy intraday stuff. Seems almost a waste to pay premium for just charting a basic daily chart product.

    Do no other brokers offer spread products?
  2. interactive brokers provides spread products.. what exactly are you talking about . be specifice.. which products are you looking at ..
  3. ofthomas


    he is probably spreading softs, brent and gasoil...

    anyhow, the issue you are facing might have little to do with the "broker" and more with the charting platform with TRAD(aka Tradestation)...

    As a CQG user myself, sure.. it can be "expensive", but that is the cost of doing business... in the plus side, the data is reliable and they have a spreader (for custom spreads)... if you are doing exchange based spreads, then who cares about the spreader... but if messing around with custom spreads, whole different story...

    anyhow, as much as I dislike their programming language for custom indicators, or not being able to have multiple timeframes within the same chart (analog has limitations)... I find it hard to move from using it, mostly because I am a spreader.. so.. not many choices.. for futures anyhow...

    lastly, in your case... perhaps look at esignal(allows for custom spreads) and use the data from IBKR(aka IB)... that should meet your needs... just get the esignal "on demand" package, that will be like $40 per month... plus market data... oh, data will be "delayed"... but if you are trading off daily charts, who cares? :)
  4. xtk


    Thanks for the input. And yes, I like trading WTI/BRENT, and other crack spreads. The actual spread products exist on the ICE exchange for those spreads (for example as source symbol WBSBRNS0 in CQG)

    Even though I also pay for ICE through tradestation, I was just surprised I had no ability to pull up any kind of spread chart. (without having to create a study which lacks ability to show full movement).

    I dont even mind paying for quality data, just irks me that i'm paying for something on tradestation that I see no reason would be witholding such a critical component.
  5. ofthomas


    I understand that, but to be honest TRAD is not the best broker out there, nor is their platform the best... they only started updating it over the past year or two, before that it was a worse dog... most people are used to TradeStation and EL... which is why they have a large following... but there are better alternatives as you know... (and I dont mean NinjaTrader or even MultiCharts)...

    if you are using CQGIC, you can just pick any of the myriad of FCM's that support it... from a small one (like crossland) to a large one (like FCstone)... so you are not stuck with TRAD as your clearing..
  6. xtk


    I understand. And I do have CQGIC.

    Reasons for keeping Tradestation were that I've just grown to like and have programmed some fun charting designs, and its not costing me anything.

    The clearing for Tradestation is RJO, which is apparantly also a partner with CQG making any financial transitions fairly easy.

    is RJO not a decent clearing?
  7. ofthomas


    Are you sure you clearing through RJO and not TRAD? they became an FCM last year I think... and yes, RJO is pretty good... I like their reports for grains they put out (anther point of view per say)... when in doubt, ask RJO to create a subledger account tied to CQGIC... executions are faster, but then again... your timeframe being daily... execution speed is not as "critical"... :)
  8. xtk


    Yea they def my clearing. I needed to discuss margins a couple times with them (whereas tradestation tradedesk is ineffective). I feel like they just treat everyone that calls like a brat cause they realize there's no real requirements to sign up so majority of people are not serious.

    Thanks for your input