Energy Secretary Chu: Goal Is Not To Lower Gas Prices

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    As pump prices hit $4 a gallon, Energy Secretary Steven Chu admits the administration has no interest in bringing them down. Is it any wonder Democrats are growing increasingly agitated with this White House?

    At a hearing this week, Rep. Alan Nunnelee, R-Miss., specifically asked Chu if "the overall goal" of the administration is to "get our price down." Chu's answer was no.

    In fact, he said that "somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," which are in the neighborhood of $8 a gallon.

    No, wait. That's what Chu said about gasoline prices back in 2008, shortly before he took the Energy Department's helm. What he really said was "the price of gasoline over the long haul should be expected to go up."

    Oops! That's what Chu said last year when asked about gasoline prices. Here's his answer: He "would have preferred a gradual increase" in prices.

    Darn! That was Barack Obama talking about energy costs during his presidential run.

    Chu's actual answer fits right in with this mold. No, he said, the overall goal of the Obama administration is not to get prices down; the overall goal is "to decrease our dependency on oil."
  2. I would expect no less from the Obama regime.
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    Obama thinks he knows what is best for us. And it is to pay high energy prices like Europe. Maybe at $10 a gallon for gas Americans will buy those fire hazard Chevy Volts.
  4. In fact, he said that "somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," which are in the neighborhood of $8 a gallon.

    Okay, fine.

    What's the point of $8 gas?
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    Why don't you whining-ass people just shut the f*k up, do what you're told, and eat your god-damn peas?

  6. It makes Obama's wet dream of electric cars and european style mass transit look more practical.
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    Reduced carbon footprint. Obama *wants* gas prices to be high in order to "save the planet".

    Chu is really getting Obama into trouble. What an egghead.
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    LOL But I don't like peas and I'm not gonna eat 'em.
  9. “As I have repeatedly said, in the Department of Energy, what we’re trying to do is diversify our energy supply for transportation so that we have cost-effective means.”
    Chu specifically cited a reported breakthrough announced Monday by Envia Systems, which received funding from DOE’s ARPA-E, that could help slash the price of electric vehicle batteries.
    He also touted natural gas as “great” and said DOE is researching how to reduce the cost of compressed natural gas tanks for vehicles.
    High gasoline prices will make research into such alternatives more urgent, Chu said.

    “But is the overall goal to get our price” of gasoline down, asked Nunnelee.
    “No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil, to build and strengthen our economy,” Chu replied. “We think that if you consider all these energy policies, including energy efficiency, we think that we can go a long way to becoming less dependent on oil and [diversifying] our supply and we’ll help the American economy and the American consumers.”

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  10. There's going to be a point where it won't be worth it to drive to work.

    What's $8 a gallon gas going to do to the boating/recreational industry?

    Every alternate form of transportation is now subsidized, trains, buses and I might add inadequate.

    There must be a grand plan besides going back to the stone age.

    At any rate, .... walking will get you 360 miles on a gallon of gas....:cool:

    (of course not many of us measure our gas by the gallon)

    Although George Carlin pointed out several diverse sources of gas




    so on so forth
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