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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by spoofy, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. spoofy


    Who is a good source for market research/data recommendations etc for energy markets?
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  4. Looks interesting. Are you a subscriber and, if so, how useful is it?
  5. oilman


    hi AAA.

    I do subscribe to The Professional Series, have done for about 14 months.

    Its good, they tend to trade swing rather than intra-day, but catch most of the turns, rarely left high and dry. Have good fundamental analysis, look at inventories around world, crack spreads, refinery turnarounds..

    Tech analysis tends to follow Fibonacci type retracements, bit of Elliott now and again. Also found them helpful answering questions via email, seem friendly enough.

    Would definitely say at least take the 14 day Trial and look for yourself.
  6. Thanks oilman. Perhaps I'll give it a try.
  7. spoofy


    I've had it for a few days and I can already tell you its not worth the money.. the guy has been dead wrong in his assumptions over the past few days. And the site really does not have much material.