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  1. Ok, so I know there are energy firms which actually actually have energy production units that trade proprietary capital in the energy markets (BP, Duke, formerly Enron, etc.). But I was wondering, are there any strictly proprietary trading firms that trade oil, gas, nat. gas, etc. I imagine some of these firms exist at the Nymex, and to lesser extent, maybe some trade on the screen? Does anyone know how common these types of firms are? I know energy contract trade in huge ticks ($1000 per in nat. gas, I believe).
  2. Schneider in Europe. I am certain there are many other firms.
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  4. I recognized at least two of those firms -- Goldenberg Hehmeyer and Breakwater. I interviewed with both those firms, and wasn't even aware they traded any energy products. I interviewed with GHCO last year, and thought they only traded fixed-income, bond basis type stuff. Same goes for Breakwater, which I interviewed with in December. Neither mentioned anything about trading energy.

    Have these firms recently expanded into the energy markets? The icons indicate they are both active in the oil and nat. gas markets. Does anyone have any additional info. on this? I read that GH acts as a clearing member at the ICE, but I don't know if they have any of their own traders in those markets. Wouldn't surprise me if they did, GHCO is huge and they are some really bright guys there. Breakwater is smaller, but also some sharp traders work there, too.....
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    Geneva, Jump, Transmarket Group, RCG, and Tradelink are also prop shops or have prop divisions. Hope that helps.
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    Goldenberg Hehmeyer's Chicago office no longer trades energy.
  7. Saxonfinancials is a growing energy prop...there energy team is focused in london... one of the first to trade IPE electronic in london...