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  1. Are there any energy drinks or other energy booster products out there that actually improve focus and stamina...for say staying up late and concentrating intently and working your ass off? It seems they mostly just give a caffeine buzz.
  2. it's all marketing crap!
  3. Redline Energy drink. Drink only 1/2 can. Sold at GNC. All the other stuff does nothing for me.
  4. I see they have several on-line. The store should sell singles.

    This one:
  5. Spark by advocare...not as intense as others
  6. The stimulant is what improves focus. Most have caffeine USP or the caffeine is simply masked by adding guarana. Either way, it's the caffeine. Nice formula w/o the jitters: although the synephrine is useless.
  7. drink a cup of coffee ..

    don't get duped

  8. isn't it really the taurine that makes the difference?
  9. Not so high on AMP anymore?

    As mentioned before, I added oxiracetam and it's legal MDMA; sure the caffeine is the foundation but you can't negate chocamine and geranamine.

    I will reserve my comments about Biotest's Spike Shooter, as, I already know how you feel about them. lol
  10. I'm not using either at the moment, but both are good.
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