Energy Breakthrough

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  1. A Mr. Rossi from the University of Bologna (seriously) has a patent pending on what could be called a "energy amplifier". It will convert a 400 watt input to a up to 15000 watt heat output via a reactor that some would call a cold fusion process. Essentially, nickle and hydrogen are converted to copper and heat by a catalyst, consuming very little of these elements.

    A prototype is running. Remarkably, the humble Mr. Rossi does not fully understand the process, which involves subatomic partical physics, and physicists are tripping over themselves trying to fully understand it. Some are skeptical of course. Subatomic physics is not well understood. He is secretive pending the patent process, but has provided a demo.

    Damn the torpedos of how it works, he is bringing it to production! He will have a 1 megawatt plant online for a customer in the USA by October 2011. He envisions industrial use only for it in the short term. If true this is huge, stay tuned.

    Blog is best, but parts over my head:
  2. Everyone who reads this should forward the links to at least one other person. The dark lords surely don't want this to go viral if its true.
  3. does this secret process require a lot of oil? that would explain why oil prices keep going up

  4. sadly, it will not make a difference at current times. the masses are too damn ignorant.

    if it is not about charlie sheen or berlusconi orgies - the public won't be interested!
  5. “We have passed already the phase to convince somebody,” Rossi wrote in his forum. “We are arrived to a product that is ready for the market. Our judge is the market. In this field the phase of the competition in the field of theories, hypothesis, conjectures etc etc is over. The competition is in the market. If somebody has a valid technology, he has not to convince people by chattering, he has to make a reactor that work and go to sell it, as we are doing.”

    fuck the scientists!
    sell the units to factories, homes and one by one the revolution will go on :)

    and of course, the same scientists who are now against cold fusion, will be using it in the future.
  6. the inventor has a sane mind:

    "You are not convinced? It is not my problem. My problem is make my reactors work. I think that the reason for which I arrived to a working reactor is that I bellieved in my work, therefore, instead of chattering and play the big genius with mental masturbations, spent all my money, without help and financing from anywhere, to make thousands of reactors that didn’t work, until I made the right one, following my theories that may be are wrong, but in any case gave me the result I wanted.

    If somebody is convinced he has a good idea, he has not to convince anybody by chattering, he has to make something that works and sell it to a Customer who decides to buy because can see a product which works. If a Customer wants not my product no problem, I go to another, without chattering or giving away free technology."