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  1. We (my brother) took a gamble, bought a big chunk (300K shares) sold out 200K shares and now that we have a profit no matter what happens, we can watch and see (and, like so many others, hope) if it goes up a bit more.
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  2. Nice trade Don. Would you be willing to share you're reasons for buying. It seemed like a pretty big "gamble" although in retrospect it was a great trade. I considered buying (gambling) when it was down near 30 cents but realized I have b***s the size of cherries.
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  3. One of our bigger traders, downstairs came up and said, "you know, you might want to take a shot on this, it could be held up in courts for years, and it may be worth a gamble"...or something to that effect. He did the same thing with Global Crossing, and that worked, so we figured why not?

    This is the "why not?" strategy. :)
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  4. :)
    I prefer to call it the "Why The Hell Not" strategy.
    Aka "S**t, Why The Hell Did I Do That" strategy.
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    way i saw it was ...11am flag broken to upside ......
    after 3pm break of a potentially bearish symetrical triangle...
    Afterhours its back up on the high's, ascending triangle pattern maybe.
    Been news hammering in all day and it has'nt seemed to phase anyone.See if they can find some more to throw at it 2moro.
    Maybe we call this a b&d play :confused:
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