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    As an admitted bottom feeder, I'm curious as how some of the more experienced traders would approach this debacle known as Enron at this point. I have only been around for a couple of years, and interested if this situation would present a possible short term play-if so, why, or why not. Is there opportunity here, or is this a pile to steer clear of....for future reference, how does the trader view this, or similar plays??
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    Yeah...you could pick up a few thousand of them cheap -- like my friend did with ATHM. Oh, he still has'm -- guess that's a bad idea.


  3. Makes a nice short.
  4. I know one anyalyst came out with a sell this morning so I don't think I would buy any. :D
  5. Anyone tried the GNP on this one:)
  6. Jeffo


    Look at EXDSQ (formerly EXDS) before you think about bottom fishing.
  7. wouldn't touch it
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    Sounds like the obits are being printed-but what keeps going through my mind is, what are the mechanics of this situation, ie for all those people selling a kazilla shares lately-who is sucking up all these shares of this dead horse & and what happens if the shares go right down the toilet?
  9. The stock market is full of speculators and gamblers. A lot of
    people just love penny stocks. You never know, ENE might
    have a last hurrah and jump up to 94 cents. That would be
    about a 50% gain in a day or two or three. Go ahead, buy
    10,000 shares. Try your luck. Kind of like going to the casino.

    My dad bought 1000 shares. But then again, he spends half
    his time in Las Vegas. Likes to gamble.

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    If you could get it at $1.10 or less tomorrow it might be worth a small position. Looks interesting if your in a speculating mood.
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