Endnotes in Coulter's latest book rife with distortions and falsehoods

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  1. Endnotes in Coulter's latest book rife with distortions and falsehoods

    On July 7, Media Matters for America asked Random House Inc. whether it would investigate charges of plagiarism lodged against right-wing pundit Ann Coulter's latest book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism (Crown Forum, June 2006). Steve Ross, senior vice president and publisher of Crown Publishing Group and publisher of the Crown Forum imprint -- divisions of Random House Inc. -- responded to Media Matters by stating that charges of plagiarism against Coulter were "trivial," "meritless," and "irresponsible," and defended Coulter's scholarship by stating that she "knows when attribution is appropriate, as underscored by the nineteen pages of hundreds of endnotes contained in Godless."

    This was hardly the first time Coulter and her defenders have offered the large number of footnotes contained in her book as "evidence" of the quality of her scholarship. Also on July 7, Terence Jeffrey, editor of conservative weekly Human Events, defended Coulter's book on CNN's The Situation Room by citing her "19 pages of footnotes." And when similar questions were raised about her 2002 book, Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right (Crown, June 2002), Coulter repeatedly cited her "35 pages of footnotes" as evidence that her claims were accurate.

    In response, Media Matters decided to investigate each of the endnotes in Godless. We found a plethora of problems.

    Among other things, Coulter:

    * misrepresented and distorted the statements of her sources;
    * omitted information in those sources that refuted the claims in her book;
    * misrepresented news coverage to allege bias;
    * relied upon outdated and unreliable sources;
    * and invented "facts."

    What follows is documentation of some of the most problematic endnotes in Godless.

    List at this link:

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