End of the year Tax loss selling portfolio

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  1. Its that time again. What are your favorite picks that you think will pop in the new year due to tax loss selling? This is assuming that we pick these up right now and sell them a few weeks into the new year. Now that all the tax loss selling has concluded, we can only surmise that there will be some pop in the new year. On that pop, we then sell what we picked up in December.

    This is a very risky strategy folks and one that you should carefully consider before diving into. I have no position in any of these. I just want to see if the old theory proves correct. I found these through 20 minutes of scanning on stockcharts and have done no other due-diligence. For entertainment purposes only.

    Here is the diversified loser portfolio. 12 picks. Lets say we put 10k into each and will sell them on January 7th:

    XHB- 19.86 last close.

    BRLC- 2.56

    STAK- 1.88

    PMTI- 15.92

    ELOS- 14.01

    MRVL- 14.14

    SBUX- 21.22

    PAL- 3.7

    LTS- 2.15

    SHLD- 104.7

    BSC- 88.8

    CC- 4.95
  2. I cant forget my favorite and yours...RSH RADIOSHACK 18 bills.
  3. Stuck in SBUX, DIVX, M, and EDS. Was thinking of selling them for the write-off. Had them up and down for the last few month. My only losers.
  4. What are your scanning criteria?
  5. they are all pieces of garbage. how bout picking stocks that fund managers want to own. why would anyone want to buy BRLC!
  6. You can make money off of garbage if you know how to trade it right. These stocks have been selling off all year long. Funds probably sold out in November, but still selling continued on in December. All the selling is just about done. In January, I bet the majority will pop. Some might even double such as BRLC. However, since we are trading trash, you want to sell on the pop. I make no guarantees or warranties on this post, just food for thought.
  7. I just went through a bunch of graphs and looked at the ones that appeared to be selling off from the start to the end of the year. Most of these you can see where the funds started selling off in November as their fiscal year closed. You can see that gap down in some of the charts.

    There is still more selling to go in December as funds do not want to enter into new positions and retail investors dump their final load before January 1st.