End of the world? IB has been down to 79% for 8 full days with no bump to 80% WTF?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Reaver, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Just saying. I noticed that as of 10 December, IBs rating on the broker page has been down to 79% YES 79% (ie NOT 80%).

    Now, I am aware that occasionally the holy balance is shifted from 80% to 81% and sometimes 79%...but this 79% rating has been here for over a WEEK!

    Seems parallel to the Fed cutting the rates and no one cares anymore, the market keeps dropping...IB ratings drop, and no one comes to the rescue...

    The tea leaves are out....and it aint pretty is all Im sayin.
  2. Confirmation of the Obvious........traders love their brokerage firm during bull markets, vice versa during bear markets.
  3. Good point nazz.
  4. dont


    Yeah I also noticed that the mega rating of 80% was down to 79% give it a few more days and I am sure some shill will bump it back up to 80%
  5. Still at 79% Businessman.

    Nice try though.
  6. Try now! :D
  7. Bastard.