End of the week commentary and SP chart.

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    Counting the waves is one thing, but you want me to predict the future too LOL?

    You may find this hard to believe, in this day and age, but I do my own personal charts by hand. Guess I'm a throw back to Elliott, Bolton and Frost.

    I do, however, review several online chart services: MSN, Advance Analyzer, Incredible Charts and Market Browser. They all have some features the others don't.

    I'll work on setting up some online charts with my counts.
    For now, you can check my blog of 8/25. It has all the counts for the COMPX and INDU since 1932 - 2000 (in general terms), and 2002 - 2005 in specifics.

    Thank you for your interest

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  2. Okay, you talked me into it
    I added a chart with my count on my blog

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  3. Hey Tony,

    Since you gave a "LOL" at my request,,, you realize that I don't understand "anything" about EWP...:confused: and would like too learn a little about it.

    I have been looking through some of Zoran Gayer's archives trying to learn a little, but, with little luck on my part....

    Thanks for adding the chart too your blog,,,, I will go check it out.

    All the best trading.....

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  4. Hey guys,

    interesting talk.

    Did you have some wave count on compx?

    Someone thinking we made an "A" wave from 2000 to 2002 and we are in a "B" from the lows?
    Sometimes im thinking on that possibilitie and that's kind of market help me to think in that, also fundamentals... anyway, its hard to think in such long-terms.

    any thougths?
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  5. Hi!

    That was not a reference to your abilities, it was a reference to everyone's, especially mine. Reading what has occurred is easy, predicting what will occur (price and time) is all guess work. One can only speculate on the probabilites. Humanity has a tendency to take sudden twists and turns as worldwide events unfold.

    In example, the bull market from 1982 had every opportunity to end in 1990: the threat of a small middle east war esculating into a world war was sufficient. Yet, the worldwide excitement of a quick ending allowed the market to reach new heights, and after a few years of consolidating at higher and higher levels, it blew off in the dot.com bubble. Totally unpredictable, until it startted to unfold.

    Make some money !
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  6. Hi

    That's the bears scenario! I guess they do not feel an 80% drop in the COMPX was sufficient to end the supercycle from 1932. The INDU dropped 89% during the 1929 - 1932 super cycle decline, and only 40% from 2000 - 2002. Maybe they forgot about the rule of alternation: No two corrections of similar degree can be the same, they must alternate in structure.

    I prefer to the new super cycle scenario: A new bull market started in 2002 that will last for decades. Similar in nature of the bull market from 1932 - 2002, but naturally it will not be the same. This structure must also alternate.

    I posted a COMPX chart on my blog. I prefer that index over the others. But, also track the INDU and INX as well.

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