End of the USD up-cycle this week!!!

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Maxprofit$, May 28, 2005.

  1. 2 weeks i've watched the USD lose some strenght against the other currencies.

    Double top & lower-high on USD/JPY

    Same USD/CAD

    First up-week following small down week on EUR/USD

    GBP is week all-around so it's difficult to read USD momentum out of this pair

    USD/CHF busted resistance, looks like a bull trap in the making.

    AUD/USD, AUD boucing off support.

    I'll bet for a 2-3 week down-cycle starting on this monday! Not necessarly big, i'll go for 300-400 pips target.

    Watch out for over-exposure.

    Safest bet: AUD - CAD
    Good bet: EUR - JPY
    Risky: GBP - CHF

    Here. Lets see if i can beat all those analyst that post crap on ET.
  2. I'm 95% sure below is what you mean.

    buy AUD - sell CAD
    buy EUR - sell JPY
    buy GBP - sell CHF
  3. I think your scenario is expected, MP$.

    Sooner or later. :D

    Definitely by the end of June.

    Unless it turns the other way and travels down (EUR/USD-wise) to the 1.2100s.

    "Watch out for over-exposure." For sure. :cool:


  4. sKalpZ, what is your trading methodology? Fundamental, TA etc?
  5. Nope sorry. They are all against USD


    Long AUD/USD or Short USD/CAD safest bet
    Long EUR/USD or short USD/JPY might work but riskier
    GBP or CHF are not good ones to play vs USD.

    Str ranking expected this week:
  6. Ok...thanks Maxprofit$.

    When I see EUR - JPY I assume long the base currency (EUR) and short the second currency (JPY)
  7. Balance, alignment and tolerances.

    My system could also be used by the Michelin man.