End of the Illuminati presence on earth!

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  1. End of enslavement of all life on earth. End of genocide, starvation, created diseaes. The truth will be know by all life on earth!
  2. good post honest. Alllife on earth is about to free
  3. I thought this won't occur until Dec 21-23rd, 2012 ? :D
  4. You do know the truth! That is correct. Humanity is waking up at faster pace. END of enslavement of all life on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Please, stop teasing do spill the beans.
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    The number of dipshit reality shows on the tube says you're wrong.
  7. It's true. The Agozyen is an instrument known for it's ability to cleanse all of earth entirely of its human burden. It was stolen from the Gsalrig Chongg monastery. Hidden deep in the mountains of Tibet, it's one of the few monasteries able to escape the ravages of the Chinese. Yhe monks were chosen to guard it centuries ago, but somehow it has disappeared, and no one knows where it is. It's actually very concerning.
  8. The truth is stranger than fiction. Jesus is on earth he was reborn !/11/1944 he is name is Brian Leonard Goliglty Marshall. Please do look up this name do the research yourself!
  9. the end of Illuminati influence will end , by the time line of 2012. The Queen is aware. The Queen, and Vatican will have to acknowledge his presence on earth
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