End of the bear?

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  1. Take a look at the analyst recommendations over the past 3 years.

    We now have more holds than buys, and a big jump in sells.

    Are we nearing the end of the bear market?

  2. Is there an historic parallel?
  3. THE or a :D

    THE is SECULAR one that correct 50 years of bull market : see Japan. Of course they would be some rallye for how can they dump the stock to lower levels if they don't push them up so that the public buy haha !

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  5. Gold should decline if stocks rise....

  6. gms


    According to Phil Erlanger, a jump in short interest usually signifies that the greatest part of a decline is about over.
  7. m22au


    Naz futures at 1113

    CNBC just paraded a picture of a bull.

    No further comment required.
  8. JT47319


    VIX volatiltity has slowly been approaching 20. Complacency. Safe.


    And yeah, CNBC... the ultimate contrary indicator.
  9. gnome


    According to the late Ed Hart, when the street says "hold", they mean "you hold while I sell".
  10. gms


    What lousy bastards. After the bubble crashed, some months afterwards, they ran a special on how the media was part responsible in hyping the bull market, and incredibly, they even slapped their own wrists citing and showing how they also did things on air such as wear party hats when the dow hit 10,000. then I recall they pledged to be more responsible in the future and not act like that. Yeh, right.

    I love their reformation. For a while, after every interview with a talking guru head, they would ask, "And do you own or intend to buy any of the equities you mentioned today?". Of course, if you think about it, it doesn't matter how the guru answers. If he doesn't own the stock he's touting, so what? Why not? If he does, so what? Shouldn't he? And he doesn't own it, but will tomorrow. Or his wife does. The best was when they had a segment on the U.S. Dollar and I think it was Tyler who asked the guru, "... And do you own any Dollars?"
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