End of Ramadan

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    Currently Lebanon and Syria along with Hizballah are gearing up for a serious push towards violents on the final day of Ramadan.
    Bush will be in England on that day, Fri, the 21st. Ramadan's end has been marked with much voilence in the past, however, this year talk of Mega Terror attacks in Europe and Israel are taking seriously.

    Intense Border violence is expected in Israel and it is believed that Sleeper cells planted by Al Queda, in side the Palesinian territories as well as around the world will become active in the next few days.

    The latter reports are the reasons for the highten awarness in London with Bush visiting. Many experts think Al Queda will try and strike at the president while he is in London, not only to insert fear but to already spook the shakey Global Markets as in the Nikkie, and US and LIFE.

    The strong sense that the week will be fraught with danger due to the Ramadan final days......i will be shorting futures overnight for sure...and carring what ever positions i take friday at close into next monday.

    The terrorist threat is becoming more real and the US markets are starting to crack under the pressure