End of production for F-22 fighter

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    I love that thing, it's a beast, but really who do we need that for? More reapers is what Gates wants. A remote controlled air force. Wish I could buy some stock but its private
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    Mr Pain

    We may regret this with the 2021 war in China. While fighting the current war you still have to worry about the next one too. :mad:
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    The YF-22's maiden flight was in 1990. The F-22's was in 1997. They probably started developing this plane 10-15 years prior to its first flight. So, just imagine the kind of shit that's in the works now. By 2021, they'll have some other type of ridiculous flying machine that will put the F-22 to shame.
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    Mr Pain

    True, we can look forward to those coming off the line in 2036
  5. It's called the F-35, and it's here now.
    Just ask Lockheed Martin

  6. I remember a billboard in Atlanta 1989 showing the F-22. They started on it around 1975.

    The military is aways about 25-30 years ahead of what is in the public domain.
  7. I'm not sure why Obama made such a big deal out of this news during his press conference . . .

    The fact of the matter is that the F-22 had reached the end of its ORIGINAL production run. If anyone doubts this, simply look up Robert Gates' comments on the fighter jet from a couple of months ago.

    As for the F-35, it is unfortunately way behind schedule as only TWO have been assembled (according to NPR) with 2,500 planned to be operational by 2015.

    Let's hope that this decision does not come back to bite us in the ass, given that former Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney made a severe miscalculation back in 1990 given a poorly developed spending blueprint that redirected fundint to new, unproven weapons systems, such as the F/A-18E/F and V-22 Osprey.

    Cheney’s cancellation of the Tomcat fighter program not only destroyed Northop’s fighter division, which led to tens of thousands of job losses, but it resulted in a United States Navy being without a superior jet interceptor to protect carrier groups and strike aircraft.

    Secretary Cheney’s gamble was that the F/A-18E/F would fill a dual role as a strike aircraft and interceptor, but as the Navy would discover years later, the re-designed Hornet was an inferior interceptor to the Tomcat. It will not be until at least 2014 with the first deliveries of the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35), that the Navy will have a fighter capable of matching the performance of our potential adversaries.
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    Because even he feels he's running out of pertinent stuff to say during his daily press conference and he's afraid of dead air. Nor is he as condescending/snarkly as Gibbs is even if he has become a little bitchy in these press conferences the past few days.
  9. Quite frankly, I think that he is simply "grandstanding" a bit ( along with the McCain philosophy ) on cutting out wasteful government (defense) spending because the current media coverage acts as if HEALTH CARE is the only game in town right now.

    At the end of the day, the F-22 gives way to the F-35. The only risk is getting the F-35 out the "door" in time to reach the productions targets that were set.
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