End Of Liberty documentary

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  1. Its 1 hour 14min, but worth watching

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  2. NIA, I will try to watch it... I loved the one where they were cruising in car around forclosed homes...
  3. Bob111


    while it seems to me that Fed and gvt are pushing all the buttons to artificially create an inflation and it's seems like a logical move, to literally burn the debt they create and sold via treasuries...at same time same inflation will destroy all those same banks,who are running the fed and country via mortgages and loans..because all those idiots,who are in debt up to the hilt ,who bought the houses at 4-5% for next 30 years,borrow on credit cards -they will be in fantastic position,when inflation or even better for them-hyperinflation hit US. this is the part,where i got confused..are those bankers that stupid,that they are going to shoot themselves in the foot? i doubt it..i'm very confused with this inflation scenario...

    on the other hand...back in 2006 i was asking exact same question,while houses prices are skyrocketing and white trash is moving into areas,where housing starts at 250-400K..i was asking same question-are those people,who give them a loan really that stupid? when credit card companies offered 0% balance transfer for year or two,while you can get 5-6% CD at the bank. are those bankers,who suppose to be more sophisticated, really that stupid? the"pros" from wall street..turns out-they are..they are dumber than joe the plumber,the only difference is their salary and timely received bonuses..

    i hope you understand,what i'm trying to say here..obviously english is not my native language.
  4. gtor514


    I like the comparison between the gold market bubble and the bond market bubble at the very end.

    Definately worth watching and very compelling.

  5. Great find Peil, thanks!

    They should not have resorted to excessive hyperbole to get their views across, IMO... but I do strongly agree with the core message.
  6. In the first 5 min I learned :

    * It's illegal in the US to capture rain water, for your consumption

    * Giving a chicken wing to a camarade in school will put you with handcuff.

    * and the 6 years old girl on the terror watch list, the part where she is crouched is quite bad...
  7. An idiotic video without any display of knowledge regarding the fundamentals of how an economy works. Currently the country is in a liquidity trap very similar to Japan and yet for some reason that is not mentioned. Liquidity traps don't turn into hyperflation states.

    Hyperinflation is not going to happen. Pikers should not make videos.
  8. zdreg


    why is the US headed toward japan but not headed in the direction of Zimbabwe?
  9. hey idiot, what do you think about S-510 ?
  10. GREAT POINT! "They" keep telling us about the horrors of the Japan experience, and I guess we're collectively buying it.

    A bout of DEFLATION is just what we need. If we get the "Zimbabwe experience" in our efforts to avoid the Japan thingy, nearly ALL of us will be effectively bankrupted... all but the SUPER rich. (They likely won't be bankrupted, but if their $200 Million net worth becomes the equivalent of $1 Million, they won't be happy campers.)
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