End of Day Trading Range Data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by hapaboy, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. I'm looking for a website (NOT a software platform like TC2000 or eSignal) that publishes a list of NYSE stocks with the highest trading range for the day.

    I am aware of daytradingstocks.com's "NYSE Stock List" which does show that information, but it is updated VERY late and sometimes shows only a couple of stocks (site error?).

    If anyone knows of another site (free or pay) that shows that info, please let us all know.
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  3. Check out the businessweek website. It is free and you can specify whatever intraday range you want.
  4. Thanks for your answer, but where on the site did you find the range tool? I couldn't find it....

    You are talking about www.businessweek.com, right?