End of day software with screener for stocks/etf's

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good software package for stocks/etf's that have built in screeners for end of day data? In particular I am looking for a screener for candle patterns.

    By day I am trading futures full-time, but for retirement accounts and other money, I mainly look at stocks/etf's. It would make that job easier if I had a screener that can go out and find candle patterns for me and bring them back.

    I just need EOD since these are mainly longer term plays. I'm not particular if the software is web based or installed on the computer, just the screener is important.

    I currently use MultiCharts for my futures trading. Not sure if it's best to stick with that and find a data provider for EOD stock data or not.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. i think stockcharts.com has a screener on candlepatterns.

    Not the best actually, but worth looking into.
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    http://www.stockfetcher.com/ is what I use and you can't beat the price and the ease of use. Should have everything you can possible want and a very helpful community forum to help you out if need.
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    Stockfetcher can do almost anything Eod. If you can describe your candle pattern, it almost certainly can be coded.

    Bullish Upside Tasuki Gap
    Bullish Side-by-Side White Lines
    Bullish Separating Lines
    Bullish Three Line Strike
    Bullish Upside Gap Three Methods
    Bullish Harami Cross
    Bullish Three Outside Down
    Bullish Three Inside Up
    Bullish Homing Pigeon
    Bullish Harami
    Bullish Morning Doji Star
    Bullish Tri-Star
    Bullish Meeting Lines
    Bullish Unique Three Rivers
    Bullish Abandoned Baby
    Bullish Matching Low
    Bullish Engulfing
    Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow
    Bullish Three White Soldiers
    Bullish Kicking
    Bearish Upside Tasuki Gap
    Bearish Side-by-Side White Lines
    Bearish In Neck
    Bearish Separating Lines
    Bearish Three Line Strike
    Bearish Downside Gap Three Methods
    Bearish Thrusting
    Bearish On Neck
    Bearish Harami Cross
    Bearish Three Outside Up
    Bearish Three Inside Down
    Bearish Harami
    Bearish Evening Doji Star
    Bearish Tri-Star
    Bearish Meeding Lines
    Bearish Advance Block
    Bearish Identical Three Crows
    Bearish Abandoned Baby
    Bearish Two Crows
    Bearish Engulfing
    Bearish Dark Cloud Cover
    Bearish Three Black Crows
    Bearish Kicking
    Bearish Deliberation
    Hanging Man

    Whats really cool is they have a pictorial template of 2 day set up where you can tweak whatever candle formation you're looking for.

    And if you need 3, 4 whatever number of days, thats possible too but you'll have to write it.

    Look on their webpage bottom right side. You can test out to see if it can do what you need for free. But it will search for the pattern 10 days ago I think is what the delay is.

    Stockfetcher is one of the most powerful scanners Ive ever seen. I would pay serious $ if it was real time.

    Good luck.
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  6. Hey guys, thank you very much!!!

    Simple and easy is what I am looking for, so thank you.

    Any other suggestions are welcomed as well!
  7. Question for those using stockfetcher - is there a way to just say find me 'uptrending stocks' or 'downtrending stocks'?

    The exact way I use candles is not necessarily by the book, so the candle filters aren't going to be that useful. But if I can tell the software find me stocks/etf's where the SMA is pointing up or some other way to define a trending stock, that could work.

    Stockfetcher does look very impressive for the low cost though. There's a lot of possibilities here!

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    Brownsfan, yes you can do that.

    How about this?


    stocks are etf
    average volume(30)above 500000
    close between 1 and 100
    ma(5)crossed above ma(10) is -1

    draw ma(5)
    draw ma(10)

    Only etf stocks with 30 day vol above 500k close between 1 and 100 and 5 period sma crossed above 10 period sma TODAY.

    The day is not over yet but got 2 etf returned so far. Might not end the day this way but you get the picture.

  9. aok - I appreciate the help. The best bet is for me to just toy around with it to find the best filter for what I am looking for.

    Thanks again.
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    very accurate EOD data,timely updated stocks\etf's\funds lists. ability to create your own scans.
    you can also retrieve data in your own application.
    can be combined with wealth-lab
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