End of day quote stalling

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by TimMykes, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. TimMykes


    Has anyone see this on the TWS platform. Stock quotes stall, are intermittent ,or stop updated altogether in the last 5 or so minutes of the day. Does not impact Futures at all. There is no loss of connectivity on any server.

    I recently rebuilt the setup from scratch to get rid of the problem , and now it seems to be back again .

    Not doing anything unusual, and not even using the API .
  2. Metatrader has these lags where nothing happens but your P/L changes all the time... Haven't seen it on TWS so far.
  3. Overnight


    Hmm, interesting. I on rare occasion pull up Meta5 to watch the ladder for futures (CQG data) and I too have seen the odd moment where the TS window suddenly stops moving, or behaves a bit weird. It usually cleared up with a restart. Don't recall the exact circumstances (time of day, instrument etc) when that occurred though.
  4. I'm refferring to MT4 not MT5, MT5 is smooth in comparison
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  5. Yep. Been like this for years. You're basically trading blind in the last 5 minutes.
  6. TimMykes


    I assume you're referring to IB . Facts are these

    Futures are NEVER affected. 100% uptime , all times of day. Its a different server ?

    T&S seems NOT to be affected either . Same stock symbols that don't update quotes (all of them) , will stream t$s .

    Only stocks, and the problem comes and goes, There are are periods where there is no issue and the end of day at all . Problem has also shown up for the open , but I am not around for that much of the time.

    Don't know why rebuilding the TWS from scratch (a time consuming pain in the ass with all the settings) seemed to cure it.
  7. TimMykes


    last three minutes today , quotes died

    no one else ????????

    any idea how to monitor whats happening to the network stream on my end, since you know that dealing with IB tech is torture
  8. TimMykes


    Don't know why others have not seen the problem, but I'm pretty sure I have it nailed down to

    some CORRUPTION or OVERLOAD of tickers???? in the SETTINGS file.

    As soon as I revert to a backup settings file from before the problem occurs, the problem goes away

    No reason for this to happen , not doing anything out of the box weird with TWS .

    Affects Start of trading at 9:30 and eod within the last 10 minutes. Rest of day , no issues at all??

    This has occurred multiple times over the years.

    WTF ? Any TWS gurus have an idea, of do I have to go down the rabbit hole of ib tech support again.