End Of Day discussion

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ivanbaj, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. I see many predictive posts. Many of us don't give a f***k about predictions. I will find very helpful if there were posts about what happen during the last trading day.

    For example for today 1/13/2009:

    1. Why was the ES marker so choppy?
    2. Why was the ES with high volume?
    3. Why was the range so small?
    4. Does any of this matter for tomorrow?
    5. What is your prediction for tomorrow? :) (I guess I do give a f***k.)

    It seems that one should follow the break out from today's range tomorrow. IMO.
  2. Shorts are def. walking on eggshells here. We're at major support on the dow and it won't be broken easily as evidenced by the EOD rebounds today and yesterday.
  3. But what if the price breaks bellow toady's range tomorrow and it gets accepted? Will you still stay long?
    Why? You seem to be perpetually long. Do you have money on the market? If you do how are you feeling bout the last 5 trading days? It must hurt on some level.