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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by DEM, Oct 25, 2001.

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    I've been using Metastock for some months now. My Datafeed is prophetfinance. But I'm not really satisfied with the data. It's incredible slow (takes ~20 min for 1300 stocksto update), for about 10 days I'm not able anymore to download the indizes, the support team doesn't answer my mails...

    Are there any other reliable good data-feeds out there? I was looking at reuters, my favourite.

    Bigeasyinvestor seems also quite interessting, but 40 $ / month for eod? :mad:

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    I have used Metastock w/ Reuters Datalink.
    The data was pretty good, and you could receive the eod data pretty much right after market close. Some data feeds make you wait till 6-7 pm for clean eod.

    Its also data-on-demand, so just type in symbol and there you go.
    No loading data into a database no more.

    Its about $64.00 for the pro pack (Equities, Futures, Mutual Funds, indices)

    Hope this helps.
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    Is it also possible to download the data via "The Downloader" to my drive? I thought that is the way reuters datalink works...


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    I used Metastock/Reuters as part of there EOD data subscription package.
    So I'm not sure if you can download data to your hard drive, but I think you can.
    You will want to contact equis or Reuters about that.

    Although, since the data is data-on-demand, I'm not sure why you would need to put the data on your hard drive.
    But you will need to login to datalink every time you start metastock.
    So maybe for offline viewing you may want to do that.

  5. tuna


    Yes Dem thats how i run it....Paritech is another option and has stocks separated into sectors as i understand it..
    Only b/s i have with Metastock/Reuters is some way of adding or removing old/new stocks into/outof the database other than doing it manually.
    Still running off the origanal Reuters cd history which is'nt really up with the play,not sure whether Paritech is any differant but might be a plus if they are.
    For live data i use a e-signal feed
    With Reuters EOD download takes prob 20mins for 8000 stocks.
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    TC2000 is a good end of day source to use directly in Metastock. It automatically exports in the Metastock format if you choose. It has customizable scans and great industry groups. I believe it's $29.95 per month for unlimited stocks and indices. I use to harvest new stocks every week or so.
  7. I used QuotesPlus. Downloads all stocks on all exchanges every night. Very fast. Has scanner that allows you to look for stocks with various criteria.

    Exports to MetaStock. You can designate a directory as "auto-update" and the QP downloader automatically updates all securities in that directory. Only limitation I've found is that it only supports 250 securities per metastock directory.
  8. DEM


    I also looked at QuotesPlus... but 255 securities / folder ... that's not much. It's half the S&P 500.

    TC2000 seems interesting. How long does it take you to download the data?

  9. ddefina


    The same limitation exists for TC2000 with the 255 stocks per folder. It is Metastock that has the limitation I believe. As far as download speed, with my DSL it takes 20 seconds for all stocks for 1 day. For 56K modem it takes a couple minutes per day.

    Metastock is kind of in the dark ages on a lot of things, but I love their charts.
  10. Are you sure its not your connection causing the slow downloads?
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