End of day Crude Oil Historical Data

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  1. I'm hoping someone can help. I am wanting to trade Crude Oil.
    I have daily historical data for Light Crude Oil (CL) traded on the NYMEX from 30 March 1983 through to 4th January 2010 (a continuous chart based on Volume). I also have daily historical data for Brent Crude Oil from the 1st March 1989 through to 4th January 2010 (again, continuous on volume).

    I have searched the internet for hours and I just cant find free data and I don't really want to purchase another historical CD just for a couple of years.

    Does anyone have data to bring me up to date? Or know where I can get it? Open High Low Close in Excel would be fine.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Also... If someone is in need of my data I have no problem uploading it for you but it would be good to have it up to date first. Cheers
  3. Really? No one? Is there no one who can help me with Historical data? Or a place to get end of day data?
    I would very much appreciate it!
  4. Sign up for esignal on demand, $37.95, add extended history, use www.qcollector.com to get data out, also works for intraday.
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  5. PM me your email, I'll send both tomorrow morning.

  6. Hi Wallace,
    Thanks so much for this! You are a champion!
    Only one request... You wouldn't have this data in an excel document with the prices and dates separated in columns would you? OR in a word document with all prices and dates separated by tab? It would make is so much easier to cut and paste years of data into my metastock charting program.
    Sincerely... Thanks!!! Very much appreciated!!!
  7. Just open the file using Excel.

  8. Thanks for that Ogarbitrage. Unfortunately, no luck. All data is opened in one column. But I very much appreciate the data still. Cheers
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