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    From the article:
    That's a gross exagerration. We all know that whether you use Windows, Linux or MacOS, BIOS takes only 2-3 seconds out of 20-30 or more of the boot time. Most of the boot time is taken by the operationg system itself and renaming BIOS is not gonna change that.
  3. the article says 20-30 seconds before OS starts loading up. Add another 50 seconds for OS boot (depending on your config). I think it takes my bios even longer that that, as it runs a Raid controller as part of the boot.
  4. Asus developed a combo BIOS/ OS a few years back. It would give you a browser and internet connection is about 8 seconds. Not sure what ever came of it.

    To say a BIOS on a modern board takes more than about 10 seconds is false. It's the OS that takes time.

    An Intel Core i3 on Windows 7 takes around 15-20 seconds to start unless you have tons of garbage turned on like all the crap they put in there for 13 year old girls. In that case its' around 30-45 seconds.
  5. Why did the article feature a picture of using the 3.25-inch floppy disk (to boot your computer with?)??? Come on... can't they find some more modern pictures to use on the Internet? :p

    I don't think the BIOS takes that long to load. 2 seconds... 20 seconds... whatever. I only reboot my computer once every few days. Do we really care? "Oh... it's REALLY important that it shaves off 20 seconds of your wait time." Wow!

    I think the more enormous time saving factor maybe lying somewhere else. Imagine that... Windows is trying to make a lot of things backward compatible... so your DOS program still works. Which means they are still doing things in some 20/30-year old, inefficient ways. Curing that, maybe a better time-saving factor.