End NASA, silly Mars stuff and all US space programs = Solves US Economy problems

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  1. End NASA, silly Mars stuff and all US space programs = Solves US Economy problems...
    Really, Really, Really think about it...here is probably the biggest waste of American Tax dollars ever, ever,ever...there is no rebuttle to this...this would place literally trillions of $$$ back into the US economy...talk about "stimulous package"...please state your agreement with this...really think about it...really think...
  2. Don't be silly. Until the world pukes on all of their $Dollars, The Gummint can just go on "borrowing and spending and charging it to the taxpayer"... no need to stop the fun until a crisis is perceived.
  3. Rebuttal: IRAQ. Thanks.
  4. the cause in Iraq has literally saved thousands and thousands (perhaps millions more) lives...and Nasa, Mars deal...hmmm...lets count....none, helped for nothing!except gave people jobs...lets really, really think...
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    NASA's entire annual budget is only around $17 billion.
  6. Exactly - a month in Iraq should cover this in its entirety.
  7. Above quote is quite possibly the most idiotic statement ever on ET? I know, there are many to choose from but this has to be up there. What planet do you live on anyway? Invert your statement on Iraq and it would start to match reality. Are people really this confused on Iraq.. STILL?
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    Almost 40 years ago, NASA realized one of the greatest dreams of Mankind, something that our ancestors dreamed about for millennia. Never mind all the research that made our lives better, safer, etc. You wanna shut it down? You don't deserve an answer.
  9. the only plus of iraq war is that it keeps 160K unskilled workers occupied
  10. That would be ahh... SO WRONG !! unless you support war crimes... and violations of international law which always seem to end up in the deaths of others but not the cheerleaders...

    Go NASA...

    Stop Unnecessary Wars...
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