End Creation-evolution debate in your home

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  1. By regressing 350 years:
    Amazing how long people can hold on to old doctrines and not face reality.
  2. This is more than serious.

    When I was in high school, a girl that ended up being valedictorian of our class would run, yes, run crying out of the class room, whenever the teacher mentioned dinosaurs.

    The school board solved the problem by firing the biology teacher and replacing him with a holiness preacher who actually taught us that you could catch the clap off of a door knob.

    Years later, when I was doing my graduate work, I found the same son of a bitch loudly preaching his bullshit in the cafeteria of the university that I was attending. I couldn't believe my eyes.

    Nowadays, I suspect there would be cause for a lawsuit, if the school allowed an unqualified a son of a bitch like that to teach.
  3. Arnie


    There are some gullible people out there to believe that crap. I went to Catholic schools K-12 and never, I repeat never, were we taught to take the bible in a literal sense when it came to "creation" or anything related to science. I can't believe there are adults out there that think that book is gospel (pun intended) when it comes to science. Anyone home schooling their children that crap should be thrown in jail.
  4. Yes, the thing about sites like these is that they attract the whack-jobs, whether it be conspiracy nutbags like the ones we have here or radical Islamists or radical Christians (and here, we have the pleasure of meeting people who actually fall into two of those categories - no surprise, I guess). I know a lot of people who would identify themselves as Christian but who would scoff at the idea that our kids should be taught that either there were no dinosaurs or that they existed within the 6000 year time frame which the loonies claim as the literal age of the earth (or whatever the number is).

    You have got to love that bit about Oct 23, 4004 B.C. Wasn't that a Tuesday? Didn't Creation get under way on a Monday?