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  1. is gonna plummet hard Monday once it resumes trading on its bad FDA news (again). The question is how hard and how fast and whether to make a dead cat bounce play? Or just stay far far away...

    CC at 8am reassuring longs and everything is "okay". Will be interesting to watch the action....
  2. Funny. I was watching this company when it was @ 4.22, i was going to buy it but had a problem with my broker. Long story short, the next day it was up more the .60 and i wasn't in it. I read a article on yahoo from thestreet.com and they were saying many of the pros predicted it will not get approved by the FDA.
  3. In at 2 and out at 2.25. Left some money on the table. Nice bounce as expected.
  4. Kasparp


    Pretty nice drop today

    bounce up or stay down for awhile ?
  5. Yeah, was a lot of fun watching that pre-market. Think it hit as low as 1.50. I even listened to the conference call BS. All I heard from CEO was blah, blah, blah...and just concentrated on the price movement.

    I feel bad for longs in that POS as it will be dead money for awhile and not see 4 and change for a few months, maybe more. I know the feeling, I'm a bagholder of AVNR for example. Didn't get out fast enough...

    I'm sure a lot of gamblers took a chance Friday hoping for an approval for the US as they have approved Thelin in Canada recently and Europe. You know, a DNDN like open of 200%...well no dice this time. On to the next whore biotech...don't get married to these stocks.