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  1. Anyone know of an easy way of encrypting files, directories or sub-directories on a hard drive or flash drive?
  2. Truecrypt
    It's free, mature and works great. It's what I use on my hard drive and flash drives.
  3. tortoise


    for data or porn?
  4. Thanks steve.
  5. I've seen computers where hey had micro explosives packed in a special "vault" for HD for instant destruction, impossible to recover..
  6. Hey baby, it's all data. :D
  7. kana


    Anyone who believes that 256 bit or 512 bit encryption is any good, deserves lack of security they get.

    I guess this is the value of free advice on the internet. Some guy shows up asking to encrypt files.

    And another guy shows up and tells him to use TrueCrypt

    And the OP says Thanks

    LOL too funny. No wonder so many lose as traders.
  8. True, if you confuse encrryption and trading, I agree, you are a loser.
  9. kana


    You lack so much information when it comes to security and encryption that I can't let you be in your own ignorance. (too sad)

    I have to educate you.

    NSA can de-crypt 256 and 512 keys in matter of milliseconds, that means less than a second.

    But you don't care about government .........fair enough.

    I can decrypt your 256 -512 keys in matter of 3 days using the rig I have. There are plenty of hack softwares available on the net for you too if you know where to look and how to use them.

    I use encryption keys of 60000 bit. Even that doesn't stop the government just slows them down. But at least that stops hackers with limited resources.
  10. Kana I'll ignore your antagonistic attitude and just point out that the average user isn't looking to hide data from the NSA. Truecrypt is the best commercial data encryption available.

    Here kana, decrypt this file. It's a truecrypt volume with a text file inside. Tell me what's in the text file and what the volume's password is.


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