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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SMI, May 31, 2012.

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    I'm thinking about replacing my HD on my laptop with an SSD - will be doing some traveling soon. Normally, this would be quite straight forward. But, currently, I have the entire thing encrypted. The last time I researched this, it seemed that an encrypted SSD would not offer any better performance over a regular harddrive. This was over a year ago. Has this changed with new generation of products (been reading about the samsungs)? If so, any recommendations on which one(s) I should be considering? I'm, looking for a 512GB or thereabouts.

  2. You must be jkoking. SSD pwower profile is still better than HD, SSD risk profile is (no moving parts, important in laptops) and SSD IOPS are still 100x better than high end hard disc, likely 150 times better.

    Just use good encryption, like WIndows 7 BitLocker... (good as in integrated with the file system in a way to optimize access).

    Even with NO speed gain I would always take it on a laptop - saves power, and is less risky to physical issues due to mobility, simply speaking shock resistance.
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    Actually, for me it makes sense. There's no point in replacing it unless I get a performance increase from it. I have other desktops that work just fine - this is strictly for travel. If I can get a substantial performance boost with an encrypted ssd, I'll take it. But, other than that, no need to replace it (for my use case). Most other people - I would agree with you. My use case is slightly different however.