Emulating The Failing BritonCare

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    This is where Obama and the Democraps are taking us with ObamaCare.

    The broken promises of ObamaCare are many and well-documented. But sometimes the lies are unspoken. In this category we would place the story of deadly health care in Great Britain.

    We've chronicled for some time the deep problems of the United Kingdom's National Health Service and warned that the U.S. can expect the same shabby, too-often fatal, treatment if it continues its path to a single-payer system run by government. You can now add to this sorry saga the Stafford Hospital in Staffordshire, England.

    A government report issued last week looked at conditions in the hospital over 50 months starting in 2005.

    It found, says the New York Times, "example after example of horrific treatment: patients left unbathed and lying in their own urine and excrement; patients left so thirsty that they drank water from vases; patients denied medication, pain relief and food by callous and overworked staff members; patients who contracted infections due to filthy conditions; and patients sent home to die after being given the wrong diagnoses."

    It is, says Robert Francis, the government-appointed lawyer leading the probe, "the story of the appalling and unnecessary suffering of hundreds of people" replete, according to the Times, with "hundreds of unnecessary deaths."

    It is also a story that will be told here if ObamaCare and its track to a single-payer system isn't reversed.

    The U.K. system, despite its image as a highly regarded organization, is a disaster.

    Across the network, as many as 10,000 Britons die each year from cancer because, the British Guardian reported some years ago, "their condition is diagnosed too late, according to research by the government's director of cancer services."

    Not all are victims of the system. But researchers at Durham University have determined that many of the deadly delays are caused by the institution itself.

    The National Health Service's problems seem almost endless, and in fact might well be. It is a system in which the incentives to provide proper care have been stripped away while the incentive for patients to overload providers has been amplified.

    Rationing, misery, death — all are characteristic of Britain's health care.

    Despite the clear defects of the National Health Services, the political left in this country wants to emulate it.

    That fact should be a scandal. But we live in curious and frustrating times in which it is a political virtue.

  2. Not to worry. The health care part of Odumbocare was only a mis-direct.

    The REAL objective was "government control over the populace".