Emulating CRT monitors

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  1. Problem: Charts look like arse on LCD monitors (edges are too clean).

    Ppl have compared gaming graphics on CRT monitors vs LCD, CRT is clearly superior:

    (Image above: Left CRT monitor, right LCD monitor)

    It's the subpixels of LCD monitors that makes stock charts appear so bad on modern displays:


    Solution: Chart -> Apply filter -> looks like on CRT monitors


    1. Chart -> Bicubic upscaling/downscaling by ???%

    2. Chart -> Bilinear upscaling/downscaling by ???%

    Anyone ever did something like this? What's the best % filter to apply?
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    Put on some glasses with the wrong prescription? Or maybe stop magnifying your screen like you've done in the pictures you show, which incidentally seem to be conflicted with your assertion that LCD edges are "too clean" given that they attempt to show the edges as fuzzy or blurry. Not for nothing anyone who ever suffered with a CRT is glad they're long gone.
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    Old age will make pixel type not an issue, just wait patiently. :)
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  4. No seriously, coz each subpixel on a LCD monitor are parallel RGB stripes instead of round dots charts look really jarring to me.

    I really wished we were back in 1999/early 2000's so stock charts look soft and nice to my eyes...

    So, nobody's ever done this? Attempt to apply a filter to a bitmap (in this case bitmap of a stock chart) to achieve the CRT monitor look?
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    This a so 'unreal' thread...:D
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  6. DannoXYZ


    most OS has font-smoothing feature that smooths ragges edges with anti-aliasing. Some monitors have it as well. Turn that feature on.
  7. Overnight


    Can you post a snapshot of your chart through the printscreen function, paste it into a paint-type program and post the .bmp, so we can see how bad and jagged your charts really look?
  8. Turveyd


    Won't screen capture the actual screen pixels, it'll just seem normal to us.

    Maybe some wrong glasses to soften the image, or a anti glare screen that'll soften / ruin the image, cling film, blur it a bit ??

    Get OLED Monitor ?? or different to what you've got ??
  9. Overnight


    Mmm, perhaps. How about the snipping tool?
  10. Turveyd


    Macro screen photo can see the dots here.
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