Emporer Obama:going to war without congressional approval a la the consititution

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  1. Is it an impeachable offense? Would this classify him as a "domestic enemy" which the army and law enforcement swear to defend the nation against? Why or why not? If so, why aren't any who took that oath doing any defending?

    Obama Libya War Powers Debate: Obama's Lawyers Are Worse Than Bush's, Glenn Greenwald Says

    President Barack Obama overruled top lawyers from the Justice Department and the Pentagon and decided he has the legal authority to continue the air war in Libya without congressional approval, the New York Times reported Friday night.

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    I would think that, yes it is but with congress voting to keep the funding in place their won't be the political will to impeach him over this.

    When he commits U.S. ground forces to the fight that will be the tipping point with the public.
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    Of course it's an impeachable offense. But we don't impeach Presidents over starting a war without a proper Congressional declaration. We impeach them for lying about blow jobs.
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    If the Congress passes a law that restricts the Presidents Constitutionally defined duties, is he bound to abide it?
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    Not enough money in the War-Stopping industry.

    There IS, however, enough money in the Religious-Morality industry.