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  1. I am living in Southern France on a winery with ADSL. I am an experienced Technical Analyst having worked with FX, financial futures, stocks and options.

    Other careers include Business Analysts within Investment Banks and Information Provider via websites.

    I am now looking to work from home - any ideas people? For what it's worth I own www.forex.co.uk, www.marketwatch.co.uk, www.marketdetect.com et al.

    As always

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    Seeing as you're posting on elitetrader and you are an experienced technical analyst, the obvious career to try is trading. Non?
  3. I think you either analyze or trade. Im not sure you can do both.:)
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    With the resources available to you why not use it and trade ?

    Otherwise - assuming these companies are making money - why not just invest in another business venture or startup ?

    Actually - dont take this the wrong way - but if you are asking people for business ideas on a public board there is already a problem.

    Are you looking to sell the above listed properties and is that why you are posting here ?
  5. No problem. Really! And not taken the wrong way. At a loose end with time on my hands. Already doing what some have suggested (marginally profitable and dull) yet thought it would be interesting to tap others' thoughts. Not too interesting so far...:D