Employment Situation To Be Renamed Into UnEmployment Report!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Nov 4, 2010.

SPY AFTER Employment Report by this Friday EOD

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  1. Yet another brilliant idea from Shortie's think tank!

    Maybe it is just me but with the run-up we had, ANY report (good or bad) will be just an excuse to sell.

    Feel Discuss!
  2. lindq


    Fund managers are chasing returns so as not to be left behind.

    They could care less about an employment report.

    If the market was reflecting the true fundamentals in this country, the S&P would be at 800.

    Which is about where it will be after the greater fools are done buying into this rally, and reality starts to set in.
  3. Cramer prognosticated -2% if the report is bad
  4. The stock market cares about future returns on their holdings, not the unemployment situation. [​IMG]
  5. If report is good, down. If report is bad, oscillations. Cramer does not get it.

    If "if report is good, then down" is counterintuitive, I can explain why I think that.
  6. That is actually why they might sell.
  7. Please explain :)
  8. If report is good, no need to print too many dollars/QE2. Market would then reprice it.
  9. i agree. SPY +10% YTD, +1.5% in dividends - this is a nice return. given the extremely volatile year, why risk it if one is a fund manager? sell everything and give yourself a nice vacation until 2011.
  10. Hey fund manager who is reading this: did you read what shortie wrote?
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