Employment Picture Worse, Inflation Higher & Trade Deficit Widens

Discussion in 'Economics' started by MKTrader, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Summary of this morning's econ data.

    Now we'll wait for the bullish spin on all this?
  2. bonds


    They already are saying higher jobless claims means qe2 is coming faster... should be a big up day.
  3. Uh, but how much QE do you want if inflation and widening deficits are showing up?

    Of course, all these are just monthly data points. However, if we can have huge rallies on a slight uptick in econ data, how do you justify a rally when it's all bad and reflects different problems (not all "solved" by QE)?

    That's a rhetorical question, BTW. I'm sure they'll conjure up some lame reason why this is all "good."
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    Who said market will rally? Market will tank by tomorrow close.
  5. bonds


    Really? Tell us all how many points down the s+p will be down by tomorrow close?
  6. Double-top. This "rally" is over..
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  7. It gives them another opportunity to run it up -- because now we're going to get QE2.

    So every bad news = we're going to get QE2 mentality.

  8. This is why its so critical to ignore news. Because it's ridiculous.

    All you can do is watch price and its behavior at key levels. That's it.
  9. once again, the Smart money is long gone outa the INDU.

    Nobody is paying attention to the US STOCK MARKET other than traders, (Which this volitility is great for) and fund managers. Hence the low volume.

    Depression is the fact in most states in the United States.

    The only thing that will heal this is Time. And it's gona be a long time.

    The news is not shocking. It will get worse before better and QE2 is not suprise. The natives are getting restless and the US GOV knows it. So, they gota do something to band aid any move towards hostile revolution.

    Nov 2nd will be the First move towards a Revolt.
  10. But when the bad news includes increasing inflation (PPI), suddenly QE2 doesn't sound so hot. Unless you're a brainless permabull or Fed shill...
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