Employment data this month.

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  1. Do you guys know if the employment data will go out on Apr-6 as scheduled or will be go out before or later due to the friday holiday?

  2. This week is really weird. I hope I got all the facts straight.

    Friday morning, the employment report comes out as usual.

    Originally, the bond market was to be closed Friday and close early Thursday for Good Friday. Realizing that the employment report is coming out, they changed their minds and the bond market will be open a full day Thursday and an extra short session on Friday. Cash bonds will close at 10:30 Eastern time. Bond futures on the CBOT will close at 10:00 Chicago time in the pit and 10:15 Chicago time for e-cbot.

    However, the CBOE will be closed Friday and IRX, TNX, TYX will not be updated.

    Equity markets and equity index futures (both CBOT and CME) will be closed Friday.

    Let's just say the whole thing was poorly planned and changing the plan just a few weeks prior (CBOT announced their change on March 22nd) is not smooth.
  3. Amazing. They should release the number on Thursday or Monday rather than such mess.

    We will see.

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  5. well, all the threads must have a foolish comment to be a real thread.

    we are done with this one now.
  6. i find it amazing that people in government have come to a decision to release non farm payroll in the least liquid possible time frame of a few hours with the whole of europe closed and most us traders probably on holiday.

    they get paid reasonable to good money and this decision must have been by someone at the highest level.

    it just shows how pathetic civil servants are in all forms of government when it comes to assessing market behaviour and market conditions.

    this number should be released on thursday with complete liquidity and all centres fully open.

    what logical reason is there for this.

    its pathetic.
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    let's try to see some positives here - it is likely to be very volatile, low volume session making a good chance for a killing :)